We live in the age of compounded crises, where global challenges are interconnected and complex in nature. Meanwhile, public attention spans are short, and agendas change almost every minute. At this critical point in time, fundraisers need to utilise innovative new tools and technologies to go above and beyond previous…

Climate change mitigation and calls for social change has remained high on the public agenda during the COVID-19 crisis, despite the global health emergency and economic recession. But what is the role of organisations in getting the economy restarted in a responsible way? And is it worth it?

Photo by Photo Boards on Unsplash

CO2 emissions…

“There is no alternative.”

The phrase was popularised by former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to signify that certain debates were over. The most famous example was how globalised capitalism in the form of free trade and free-markets was the best approach, not only to grow economies and build wealth…

Mathias Behn Bjørnhof

Advisor & Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Urban Futures, Foresight, Innovation)

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